Blink-182 Immortalize Their Dorky Fans in Music Video Form

I’ll never get pop-punk or why people whose balls have dropped bother to try and keep it alive. It feels like the equivalent of fart and pooping jokes that would make anyone shake their head in embarrassment. I try not to judge a band’s fanbase, but sometimes, they can be the worst element of the … Continue reading

Re:(Disc)overed – Puddle of Mudd

I know my last two “reviews” (or me shit talking anything I don’t dig) have been pretty negative but are people actually trying to get the early 2000’s music scene back up and running again? With Limp Bizkit and Blink 182 both making new albums, it almost seemed too terrible to be true. Do we … Continue reading

Best Coast Debut “Gone Again”

Damn, Adult Swim has come a long way from being the weird program that came on¬†Cartoon Network at midnight when I was like¬†9 or 10. With their latest campigan, Singles Program, they’re giving away free MP3s for a bunch of dorky (but a few good) bands. Plus, who doesn’t love free MP3’s? Anyways, one of … Continue reading


It’s August now. Only 3 more days til Lollapalooza. And the shit has hit the fan. And by shit, I mean good shit. And yes, there is such thing as good shit. Today, the Lollapalooza website added another aftershow to it’s list of aftershows. Instead of having a bunch of pretentious fucks as usual, they … Continue reading

Long Time Between Posts

Yeah, I know. It’s been a while since I last posted anything worthwhile on this site, but it’s been a busy time. School sucks as usual, my new job makes me drive 45 minutes a day out to nowhere to wash cars. We’re officially in a “recession”, so I guess I’m supposed to be bummed. … Continue reading

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