Watch Courtney Barnett Kill It at Bonnaroo

It’s real weird to think that Bonnaroo was almost two months ago, but then again, summer always flies by faster than you can say “put the beers on ice.” If you were like me and unable to go, then you missed out on one of the few non-Kendrick reasons I would have made the trip … Continue reading

Jordan Canio’s Imperfect and Incomplete Guide to Bonnaroo 2014

As everyone and their mother knows, the Bonnaroo line up was unleashed on the world about a week ago. I didn’t hold my breath for much cause I considered the last few years to have been really disappointing in regards to acts (sorry, even having the ever-badass Tom Petty and the 3rd best Beatle didn’t … Continue reading

Calling Bonnaroo 2014

Editor’s Note: My buddy Aaron Litvack decided to share with us his formula for predicting this year’s round of acts at Bonnaroo. Honestly, it pretty much eviscerates all the other predictions that I’ve seen so far; probably because the dude applies a little something called LOGIC to his scheme. He’s pretty funny too. Take a … Continue reading

Jordan Canio’s Imperfect, but Essential Guide to Three Major Music Festivals

Well, here we are. Due to summer classes, a real lack of funds and my ever-present urge to not be around a bunch of fucktards, it looks like I won’t be attending any festivals this year. Lollapalooza sold out too quick, Bonnaroo is during school and Austin City Limits is too far away. I know, … Continue reading

Shitlist Vol. 6

– Infinity Cat lost PUJOL and Natural Child (who has been growing on me since I last heard them) and in-exchange, they got Diarrhea Planet and Peach Pop Kelli. That transcends the phrase “bum deal.” – SPIN Magazine, in its attempts to prove they are not out of touch or like every other music magazine, … Continue reading

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