Dum Dum Girls Make Surreal Video For “Are You Okay?” With Help from Bret Easton Ellis

LA rockers Dum Dum Girls are a week into their tour behind their latest LP,¬†Too True, with plans to hit up Nashville next Tuesday (March 18th and yes, I’ll be there and you should be too). Before they hit the road, they dropped a very strange video for their new single, “Are You Okay?” The … Continue reading

Kanye West Gets Interviewed By Bret Easton Ellis

Apparently, Kanye West and Bret Easton Ellis have been hanging out a bit. Ellis wrote a commercial for Kanye’s album Yeezus while Kanye recut Ellis’s trailer for his film “The Canyons” (too bad he couldn’t recut the whole movie). Now there’s talk of the two working together on a film project. While Ellis is one … Continue reading

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