Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst of 2012

I guess I’m a bit later on this than everyone else, but I guess if I wanted to do something more¬†conventional (aka boring),¬† I’d write for No Country. Anyways, 2012 was definitely an interesting year. Shit got realer and lamer. The usual was seen, with Nicki Minaj picking fights with everyone and not realizing she’s … Continue reading

Brian Jonestown Massacre Release “Food For Clouds” Demo

Honestly, it gets harder and harder to listen to new music nowadays. While finding a gem amongst the ocean of bullshit is always like….well, finding a gem in an ocean of bullshit, sometimes, the search gets disheartening. I mean, why bother going through a sea of Kings of Leon or Ramones wannabes when there’s perfectly … Continue reading

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