Brody Dalle is Back and Flying Solo

While I’m a bigger fan of her husband’s, Josh Homme, musical output, I’ve always kept an ear to the ground for whatever Brody Dalle does. The Distillers weren’t my thing, but Spinnerette had more than a couple of great tunes and I really dig her style. She’s something that’s been lost or faded out in … Continue reading

Jesse Hughes Becomes Boots Electric, Releases Debut in September

Jesse Hughes is one of the greatest living frontman. Inspired by the antics of Little Richard and buddy/bandmate Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age), Hughes has lead his band, Eagles of Death Metal, through blazen performances with sexy guitar solos and a general “let’s get it on” stage attitude for over ten years. … Continue reading

Jesse Hughes Goes Solo!

Jesse Hughes is finally putting out his own solo stuff soon. 2 years after Eagles of Death Metal released Heart On, it seemed like the Hughes camp had gone quiet for a bit. Hughes’ partner in crime, Josh “Baby Duck” Homme, didn’t seem to be wasting any time as he started a badass new band … Continue reading


Yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to be updating this stuff as often as possible. Let’s start off with some new stuff. Nine Inch Nails’ tour right now might be the last one for a LONG time. I’ve seen them twice this year and I can honestly say that it was … Continue reading

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