King Krule Performs “A Lizard State” On Conan

Alright, now I definitely have to pick up this ginger’s album. Archy Marshall aka King Krule made his second national TV appearance on Conan last week. Using Conan’s backing band to play horns, the 19 year old punk crooner dropped “A Lizard State” and did one hell of a job. I like this ginger. He … Continue reading

Conan Does Hollywood

Shit, is it me or is everyone getting a reality show/documentary on them nowadays? Miners/Loggers/Junkyard junkies all have like 15 shows on the History Channel and every band that has made a mediocre album in the past year is jumping on that wagon too (Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, etc.). But like every once in … Continue reading

Queens Drop In On Conan

I took a break from writing a hellish research report tonight to watch Conan. Just my luck, Queens of the Stone Age were performing. They’ve just wrapped up the US leg of their tour to promote their newly remastered debut album. They stopped by Conan’s show and played “If Only” off of said album. As … Continue reading

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