Gateway Drugs Beef With Frances Bean Cobain, Drop New Track “Los Angeles Will Have Its Revenge on Frances Bean”

One of the bands I’ve been more excited about lately would have to be Gateway Drugs. ┬áThe self-described “drug pop” band has more than a few impressive demos floating around and an LP is said to be in the works with Buddyhead putting the fucker out sooner than later. If you missed out on the … Continue reading

Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Is Officially (and Unsurprisingly) Being Reissued This Fall

Despite the seemingly pessimistic headline, I’m actually pretty stoked for this. In a sneaky move, an old promo for the record has been put up and updated with the words “September 2013.” The bells and whistles haven’t been announced yet, but we all knew this was coming; especially after the treatment┬áNevermind got in 2011. It … Continue reading


Shit, I’m falling behind nowadays. Yeah, I know, besides the Bad Cop reviews, this site hasn’t been exactly up and running lately. Sorry to the five people who read it, but it’ll be up and running full speed ahead once summer kicks off I hope.

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