The Director’s Cut of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” Has Been Released

There’s nothing more I can say about Nirvana that hasn’t been reiterated over and over and over again. Personally, I can talk about the band until the cows come home or the beer runs out, but since I have no beer on me, I’ll save that for later. If you don’t know, the big wigs … Continue reading

Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Is Officially (and Unsurprisingly) Being Reissued This Fall

Despite the seemingly pessimistic headline, I’m actually pretty stoked for this. In a sneaky move, an old promo for the record has been put up and updated with the words “September 2013.” The bells and whistles haven’t been announced yet, but we all knew this was coming; especially after the treatment Nevermind got in 2011. It … Continue reading

Dave Grohl Brings Sound City Back To Life In February

I don’t know if any of you guys have been keeping up with this or even  know if this film exists, but if you love good music, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t.  If you don’t, Sound City is the directorial debut from the one and only Dave Grohl. Before he announced that the Foos … Continue reading

Wasting Light – Foo Fighters

Everyone and their mother should know what I think about the Foo Fighters by now. If you’re late to the game, in short, Dave Grohl is mediocre behind a microphone, but a machine behind the drum kit. Stack the 2 Nirvana records with the 2 records he’s done with Josh Homme up against the entire … Continue reading

Foo Fighters Make A Movie

Okay, if you’ve read this blog enough, you know I’m not a huge fan of the Foo Fighters. I dig a couple of their songs, but Grohl is MUCH better behind a drum kit than behind a microphone. Dude’s got a lot of talent, but the Foo Fighters is a mediocre medium for him to … Continue reading

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