Top 11 Best Films of 2017

I know it’s a bit late for 2017 lists at this point, but seeing as how the Academy Awards are tomorrow, it’s pretty much the definitive end of “what were the best films of 2017” season, isn’t it? And likewise, I think there’s some benefit to waiting until the last minute to release lists. One … Continue reading

Escondido Are Pretty Fucking Cool

I know I’ve been real inconsistent with this shit. Sorry kids. Dad’s trip to get cigarettes from the gas station turned into a couple of weeks of absence. But I’m back now and ready to keep kicking against the pricks. Let’s go. My buddy Nick had been trying to show me this band for a … Continue reading

David Lynch Returns to Music

Visionary film director David Lynch is known for his mastery of presenting the unknown. If you’ve ever watch any of his films or Twin Peaks, you can see why his weirdness has made him into more than just a cult king: it has a certain charm to it. He can easily scare the hell out of … Continue reading

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