Death From Above 1979 Destroyed Letterman Last Night

You’ve probably heard by now that Death From Above 1979 are back in full swing and that their newest album,┬áThe Physical World, came out Tuesday. Since it’s their first album in a decade (if you don’t count that shitty remix album that came out in 2005, which for the better of humanity, it seems everyone … Continue reading

Are Death From Above 1979 About To Drop Their New Record?

Since they’ve been doing the reunion ordeal for about 3 years now and with sparse to zilch detail on them recording new songs, the idea of Canadian drum-and-bass duo Death From Above 1979 releasing new material in 2014 seemed like a pipe dream. I mean, new songs have been dropped here or there at the … Continue reading

Death From Above 1979 Reunite for Coachella!!!

It’s been almost five years since the duo announced that the band had broken up. They said it was because of “creative differences” and that whole story, but they were good enough dudes to honor the tour dates they had already scheduled. It was a bummer, since they were a really cool bass and drum … Continue reading

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