NXNE Announces Full Line Up

Everyone knows about South By Southwest in Texas, but unless you really pay attention, you might miss North By Northeast. Basically, it’s the same thing as SXSW, but in Toronto, Canada. It’ll be held from June 13th-19th, with the music portion lasting for three days. Last year, some of the coolest bands there were the … Continue reading

Josh Freese Sells Albums Better Than You Do

Josh Freese is a dude who plays drums a lot and makes weird Youtube videos. The guy’s superhuman. Seriously, I’ve seen him play with NIN and Devo and each time, the guy is better than a drum machine. It makes sense, seeing as how he’s played on about 300 records. Yeah, some of those records … Continue reading

Lollapalooza Guide 2010

This week is like fucking Christmas for me. Actually, it’s even better cause I actually get stuff I want instead of socks. First, I’m off for seven glorious days. I have a little bit of spending money for beer and the house to myself during the daytime. Peace and quiet, which I’m gonna need, cause … Continue reading

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