How the Internet Lets Bands Ruin Themselves

From my inbox yesterday afternoon: Freddy Masz May 9 at 2:41pm Report Hey man Hey bud, I just saw that Bummer “article/review” you wrote and I just had to message you about it. Look, I’m sure you really enjoy your blog and you have fun doing it and it’s free speech and and you can give bad … Continue reading

Nite Nite Got Their Stuff Jacked, Benefit Show Organized

Getting robbed really sucks. I’ve been pick pocketed only once, but I was definitely over the limit and probably had enough bad karma on my soul to justify it (but seriously, whoever took my cash in Saint Louis, two words: fuck you). Nashville band Nite Nite is a different story though. Some dork decided it … Continue reading

EP 1 – Bummer

The internet’s a funny thing nowadays. On the plus side, anyone who can’t get signed to a label can put their music out by themselves. The negative? ANYONE can put their music out. Even if it’s complete dribble. Case and point, this band called Bummer. If the fugly cover doesn’t turn you off immediately, the … Continue reading

Little Viking w/ Clorange and Planet Ink at Springwater

Our buddies in Little Viking are playing one of their last shows in Nashville for quite a bit this Friday at Springwater. For those who don’t know, Little Viking is basically Bad Cop’s rhythm section that’s a lot more spacey and littered with hints of shoegaze. It’s kind of like how Diarrhea Planet and Big … Continue reading

Next Big Nashville: Stuff and Such’s Choices

If I’m able to survive this upcoming week of (for a lack of a better word) bullshit, this weekend hopefully make up for it. I’ve heard good and bad things about Next Big Nashville, but since the lineup looks decent and I’m in town this time, I figured I’d give it a shot. School and … Continue reading

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