Iceage Is Still the Only Band That Matters Right Now

My introduction to Iceage was their excellent 2014 album, Plowing Through the Field of Love. I once credited the fact that 2014 was so slow (it was the first year I hadn’t released a “best of” list for music after doing so consecutively for four years straight) as the reason that the album had truly … Continue reading

Marching Church Releases Excellent New Record “Telling It Like It Is”, Come To Nashville In January

What originally drew me to Iceage is what made Marching Church a tougher pill to ingest. In all honesty, the only Iceage record I really dug was their latest, Plowing Through the Field of Love. But why shouldn’t I? It’s an excellent fucking record that manages to mix the punch-drunk punk sound of the Birthday Party … Continue reading

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