Heaven Adores You – Elliott Smith Documentary Will Soon Be Released

I can spend all day talking about Elliott Smith, but I’ve done that on this thing numerous times. So instead, I’ll just cut to the chase. Back in 2011, a Kickstarter appeared from a director by the name of┬áNickolas Rossi. His goal was to make a film about Elliott Smith that concentrated more on his … Continue reading

Elliott Smith & Jon Brion Cover John Lennon, the Kinks and Big Star On Old TV Show

This year will mark the ten year anniversary death of the late great Elliott Smith. Most of us lost a great singer-songwriter before we even realized we had him. However, his talents shine from beyond the grave as he still manages to be productive and prolific as hell. Seriously, while we can’t fill the void … Continue reading

Kill Rock Stars Release Elliott Smith Rarities for 43rd Birthday

At this point, there’s not much more I can say about the late great Elliott Smith that hasn’t been said before. He was one of the greatest songwriters of our generation and probably the best guy-with-a-guitar act to come along in the past few decades. If his girlfriend hadn’t killed nine years ago (cause I … Continue reading

Live From Nowhere: A Benefit CD For A Good Cause With Good Music

While benefit CDs are for good causes, they are usually lacking in the music area. When the major ones come out, it’s usually lame stuff like Sting singing old Police stuff on an acoustic guitar or worse: Fred Durst and the Goo Goo Dolls covering Pink Floyd. But every once in a while, a benefit … Continue reading

Elliott Smith Lives

B-sides are a very tricky thing. With some bands, you wonder why the hell they didn’t drop the weaker tracks on their albums and replace them with some of their gem b-sides. With other bands, you can see why they left them as b-sides. The late great Elliott Smith is an example of the former. … Continue reading

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