Fly Golden Eagle Ready “Quartz” LP For October 14th

Normally, when a band releases a triple LP, I usually tell them to fuck off, because c’mon – double LPs can be tedious enough as is, but a triple LPs can catch a boat to fuckoffity land. Yet, like most rules, I’ll break them from time to time. Fly Golden Eagle has been one of … Continue reading

Best and Worst of 2012: Band Edition

When I was trying to find music as a kid, I’d always pick up a lot from hearing what people in my favorite bands liked to listen to. For instance, I found the essentials like the Stooges and Mudhoney because I heard Kurt Cobain dug them or recently, I found the Pretty Things’ phenomenal album … Continue reading

Fly Golden Eagle Debuts “Devil’s Eye (Basilisk)” Music Video

I haven’t really heard much about this band. I remember seeing their set however long ago at Mt. Swag, but I was too out of my mind at that time to really give it the listen it deserved. Still, I also remember getting wind that they were going to be going on tour with the … Continue reading

Where To Be On Record Store Day 2012

Some people don’t get into the whole ‘buy vinyl’ craze, but even if you have no preference for the quality of your audio, or the format it is presented in, you have to admit….. Record Store Day kicks ass. I mean, I’ll take any excuse to partake in some daytime-drinking, but pair that with great … Continue reading

Majestico Brings Bad Cop and Fly Golden Eagle to 12th and Porter

It’s pretty much common knowledge that 12th and Porter sucks.  From the douchebags who look like they just stepped out of an episode of “Jeresy Shore” to the sketchy part out back where I once saw two girls do blow off of the hood of their car and then dance to 3OH!3,  it’s just never … Continue reading

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