Shitlist Vol. 8

Surprise, shit heads! You didn’t really think I was gonna let the year end without releasing another one of these, did ya? Fuck no. I gotta have a clean slate for the start of next year. Who knows? Along the way, I might pick up an extra thing or two before 2012 finally winds down! … Continue reading

Shitlist Vol. 4

Sorry I’ve been absent for a bit. School’s trying to kill me again so I’ve had shit to do. Jon contributed to this one a lot. Dude’s getting better at hating shit than I am (and that’s saying something) Anyways, without further ado, here’s shit that’s pissing us off. – One Direction has been hailed … Continue reading

Activision Kills Guitar Hero….Thank Fuck

First off, fuck video games. I’ll admit that I used to eat that shit up when I was younger, but once you’ve had a roommate that hogs the TV so he can shout “FUCKING BITCH” at some 14 year old Chinese kid across the globe at 2 AM, you’d be a bit biased too. So … Continue reading

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