Lera Lynn To Play Grimey’s In-Store on June 28th, Drops Video for “Shape Shifter”

Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled with Lera Lynn’s latest effort, Resistor. It’s not that I thought it sucked by any means, but after getting really stoked with the darker turn she took on the True Detective soundtrack, I was expecting something more along those lines. I wanted something that I could drink dark whiskey to … Continue reading

REVIEW: Olivia Jean’s Record Release Show at Grimey’s

I feel kind of sorry for Olivia Jean nowadays. Given, I thought the Black Belles sucked like everyone else with a pair of working ears, but it seems that most of the hatred directed towards her is not actually for her music, but really stems from the rumored affair that she had with Jack White … Continue reading

Where To Be On Record Store Day 2012

Some people don’t get into the whole ‘buy vinyl’ craze, but even if you have no preference for the quality of your audio, or the format it is presented in, you have to admit….. Record Store Day kicks ass. I mean, I’ll take any excuse to partake in some daytime-drinking, but pair that with great … Continue reading


Missed Sonic Youth last night. I’m bummed. Apparently they put on a good show. Grimey’s is holding a midnight event for the Dead Weather album tomorrow night. Rumor has it, they’re gonna have some surprise guest from Third Man Records (Jack White’s record label). Nothing better to do on a monday night anyways. Was going … Continue reading

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