Grinderman Release Two Music Videos, Remix Album Out Now

Fuck, I miss Grinderman. I like the Bad Seeds and all, but Nick Cave was at the top of his game in a violent garage rock band. It’s like the deranged instrumentation of the Birthday Party with the brilliant narrative of the Bad Seeds. It’s not for everybody, but that’s the beauty of it. Anyways, … Continue reading

Grinderman Announce Remix Album

About 99 times out of 100, most remix albums are redundant and just plain boring. They don’t offer anything new and I could care less what a new version of a song I like sounds like after some dork with headphones decides he needs to change it up. I just don’t see the point. However, … Continue reading

Grinderman Release “Kitchenette” RAK Session Video

It’s been almost a year since Nick Cave’s garage rock outlet, Grinderman, released their second effort, Grinderman 2, yet the band is still going strong. These dudes are all over the age of 50 but they can still tear it up better than some of these 20 year olds in bands nowadays. Because the band’s … Continue reading

Grinderman Make a Cool Short Film

I’ve already blown the hell out of this thing this week with Nick Cave related posts on this thing this week. However, it seems like Cave is on a roll this week. Along with reissues (for the Bad Seeds) and a new music video, Cave’s Grinderman also had a mini-documentary on the band premiere on Channel … Continue reading

Grinderman Debut Freaky Video For “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man”

At the age of 53, Nick Cave is still capable of doing two things: getting shit done (see the reissues post from earlier this week) and freaking people out. Today, he gave us more evidence to support this claim in the form of Grinderman’s music video for “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man.” The track … Continue reading

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