Stuff and Such’s Best and Worst List of 2010

Despite popular/stupid belief, a lot of good things are coming from the collapse of the music industry. It’s like yard work, which sucks too, but after you pull all the weeds (or was that Lady Gaga’s hair?), everything looks better. That’s kind of the way things are going down now. Everyone who enters the music … Continue reading

Slow Waves – Heartbeater

I heard about Heartbeater a bit ago when they were doing that Kickstarter or whatever thing. Never really paid too much attention to them until someone dropped their E.P. on my lap a few months ago. I fell in love with it. I dare you to listen to “She’s a Pistol” and not find the … Continue reading

Next Big Nashville: Stuff and Such’s Choices

If I’m able to survive this upcoming week of (for a lack of a better word) bullshit, this weekend hopefully make up for it. I’ve heard good and bad things about Next Big Nashville, but since the lineup looks decent and I’m in town this time, I figured I’d give it a shot. School and … Continue reading

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