Stuff N Such’s Best Music of 2016

Chances are, you’ve probably already skipped past this paragraph to see if I’ve lost my touch or not when it comes to picking winners for the year. I haven’t, but by all means, don’t let me stand in the way. If you feel like coming back up here after gawking at some of the records … Continue reading

Gimme Danger – The Story of the Stooges Coming to the Belcourt November 4th

What can I say about the Stooges that hasn’t already been lionized? Not only were they the first and best punk band, but they may have just been the most dangerous band ever. Their first three records – and we’ll forget the other records that fell under the Stooges’ name afterwards because they missed the … Continue reading

Iggy Pop’s “American Valhalla” Gets a Music Video

Five years ago, I wrote a post called Iggy Pop’s Dead. Of course, he wasn’t actually dead, but back in my more-reactionary period of blogging, I interpreted his performance on American Idol as the death of an icon. Not that Pop hadn’t fallen hard before that. Then again, the past five years had been rough on the … Continue reading

David Bowie & the Beginning of the Berlin Era

Since he just announced his return about a month ago and apparently a film is being made about this era in Bowie’s career, I feel now is as good of a time as anyway to post about these albums. It goes without saying that David Bowie rules. For real. Unless you’re absolutely retarded, its hard to … Continue reading

Iggy Pop’s Dead

It sucks when you see a hero fall. Especially when he falls hard. Back when I was 16, someone threw on Funhouse for me. I was instantly lost in songs like “TV Eye” and “1970.” Up until then, I had never heard something so chaotic and full of energy caught on tape. And this was … Continue reading

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