Jack White’s Back With Another Album With Another Funny Title

I don’t like to give Jack White too much credit cause I think he’s overhyped at this point, but I gotta admit that, this is actually pretty cool.  Even though it’s been pretty quiet over at Third Man lately, I figured White was going to be releasing a new album soon between him going on about … Continue reading

5 Reasons Kings of Leon Should Fuck Off For Good

I guess they’re coming back for more. Today, Kings of Leon announced that they are going to try and make a comeback after their careers crashed and burned two years ago. To my actual surprise, some people are pretty stoked about this and to those people, all I can ask is “why do you want … Continue reading

Jack White Releases Music Video For “I’m Shakin'”

Even though I find Jack White and his droogs at Third Man to be pretty jive nowadays, I can’t deny the fact that the man makes great music. Blunderbuss might be a terrible name, but the album isn’t without its stand out tunes. One of the tracks that stuck out from the beginning was Jack Gillis’s … Continue reading

Shitlist Vol. 6

– Infinity Cat lost PUJOL and Natural Child (who has been growing on me since I last heard them) and in-exchange, they got Diarrhea Planet and Peach Pop Kelli. That transcends the phrase “bum deal.” – SPIN Magazine, in its attempts to prove they are not out of touch or like every other music magazine, … Continue reading

Jack White Debuts “Sixteen Saltines” As New Single, Announces More Solo Shows

It’s been more than 2 weeks since Jack White played Saturday Night Live. I didn’t see it when it was on cause I was at the Bass Drum of Death show, but I did manage to see the clips online. I wasn’t blown away cause SNL has pretty shitty soundboard, but it was cool to … Continue reading

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