Penicillin Baby Are Going To Take Over the World

While the internet has been a God send in that it allows any band to put out their music, it’s has one aching flaw: it allows ANY band to put their music out there. We’re talking about the insincere ones: the ones who do it so they don’t have to work day jobs; the ones … Continue reading

Western Medication Debut “Reflections of the Sun”

After some down time, it looks like the dudes in Western Medication are trying to make sure we all know they are still alive. First, it was their brilliant video for “Problems in D.C.” that made its debut a few weeks ago. Then out of nowhere, they announced AND released a new single yesterday, called … Continue reading

Bad Cop and Jeffery Drag Records Are Poppin Off

If you haven’t already picked it up, then you need to go ahead and buy Bad Cop’s latest endeavor┬áThe Light On EP. It’s no secret that I’ve known these dudes for a while, but honestly, this is probably the best thing they’ve done so far. With that in mind, they’ve released another addition to the … Continue reading

Bad Cop Premiere “Light On” Video

After being on the backburner since late last year, Bad Cop has finally released their music video for “Light On,” the title track of their new EP. And fucking hell, was it worth the wait. I remember hearing this track way back (2011 maybe?) when it was still in demo stages. I thought it was … Continue reading

Jeffrey Drag Records Releases 2K12 Sampler

It looks like we’re going to be seeing a bunch of cool shit from Jeffrey Drag Records this year. Earlier this year, they had Ranch Ghost’s debut single released and before that, albums and cassettes from the likes of Electric Dollhouse Groovebuggy (this band’s awesome, but their name is still too much), Majestico and Little … Continue reading

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