Pink Mountaintops Drop Video for “Ambulance City”

I haven’t heard much more about these dudes since the last time I wrote about them, so aside from the fact that they’re an offshoot of the awesome band Black Mountain and that their new record was produced by Joe Cardamone of the Icarus Line, I haven’t got much more info on them. Honestly, who … Continue reading

The Pink Mountaintops Premiere New Track, Announce New LP

Despite this band being an off-shoot of Black Mountain, if you’re a fan of the Canadian riffers, you might not dig this. However, if you’re a fan of Black Mountain AND Giant Drag or Annie Hardy in general, you’ll probably love it. I had heard of the Pink Mountaintops before, but hadn’t really looked into … Continue reading

The Icarus Line Release Strange Video for “City Job”

Say what you want about LA rock n rollers the Icarus Line, but one thing remains undisputed: they’re never predictable. Slightly disturbing sometimes? Yeah, but as some famous German dude once said, “All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks, in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.” With that in … Continue reading

Slave Vows – The Icarus Line

There are many reasons why I was stoked to hear this record. First and foremost, the Icarus Line rule; they’re polarizing as fuck because they don’t stick to a formula or play it safe. Frontman Joe Cardamone has even said that every record has been motivated by the feeling that it would be the last … Continue reading

The Icarus Line Officially Announce New Album, “Slave Vows”

I’m not gonna lie: I like being right all the time. Today, the Icarus Line officially announced that they are putting out a new album (like I said) called Slave Vows (also like I said. See the pattern here?) on July 1st via Agitated. The band put out the word via the Quietus as well … Continue reading

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