Calling All Comas: New Queens of the Stone Age Video

Queens of the Stone Age were never a band for the lighthearted, but they seem to be getting darker than usual. Case in point, their new video for a song they call “I Appear Missing.” In the animated clip, the band takes us through some fairly apocalyptic scenery through the eyes of a bloodied and … Continue reading

Jesse Hughes Releases Trailer for Solo Debut, Josh Homme Gets Interviewed By Nardwuar

I’m killing two birds with one stone with this post and since these dudes are practically family, it seems¬†appropriate. I’ve already ragged about how cool Jesse Hughes is and how I’m stoked for his solo debut, Honkey Kong,¬†to come out. As the September 20th release date approaches, Hughes is releasing tidbits to keep us excited. … Continue reading

Live From Nowhere: A Benefit CD For A Good Cause With Good Music

While benefit CDs are for good causes, they are usually lacking in the music area. When the major ones come out, it’s usually lame stuff like Sting singing old Police stuff on an acoustic guitar or worse: Fred Durst and the Goo Goo Dolls covering Pink Floyd. But every once in a while, a benefit … Continue reading

Suck It and See – The Arctic Monkeys

Sometime before they recorded Humbug, the Arctic Monkeys learned how to be cool. They started putting out more riff heavy songs, imagery laden lyrics and seemed like all around cooler people. I slept on Humbug when it first came out but gave it another chance earlier and realized it was pretty good. With that and … Continue reading

Record Store Day: the New Black Friday

After a long week of school, I was looking forward to today. I could finally drink, buy and listen to music. I figured every place would be crowded. There was too much cool shit going on for people not to be out. Even on a shitty looking day. What I didn’t figure was how hard … Continue reading

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