Stuff N Such’s Best Music of 2016

Chances are, you’ve probably already skipped past this paragraph to see if I’ve lost my touch or not when it comes to picking winners for the year. I haven’t, but by all means, don’t let me stand in the way. If you feel like coming back up here after gawking at some of the records … Continue reading

Dance in the Water, Might Get Wet: Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition

Over the past three years, hip hop has picked up the slack where punk music dropped off. For me, this began in 2013, when Kanye’s Yeezus absolutely decimated anything else that was out there. From then on, it’s been on a steady incline – while most music that was considered “punk” was busy talking about … Continue reading

Kanye West Returns to Nashville

Yeezy season approaching so fuck what ever y’all been hearing! Sorry, for a minute there, I forgot that I’m whiter than bird shit. Anyways, the gay fish himself, Mr. Kanye West, has recently announced that his tour behind this year’s brilliant Yeezus will actually swing through Nashville on November 27th. Tickets are sure to cost … Continue reading

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