Diarrhea Planet Gets Fred Durst’s Stamp of Approval; Makes Perfect Sense

I haven’t written about these guys in a while cause, well, it kinda seemed like overkill. There was this post that lead to this post that supposively fucked these guys up WAY too much. Also, most the negative shit I was going to post felt redundant at that point. So in laymen’s term, fuck em … Continue reading

Shitlist Vol. 2

I had my buddy Jon Conant contribute a bit to this one. He’s just as hateful as me, apparently. Anyways, you know the drill. Just don’t taze me, bro. 9. Usually it takes bands several albums to become caricatures of themselves, attempting to regurgitate the sound that initially made them interesting and different while in … Continue reading

Stuff and Such’s Best and Worst List of 2011

In a world where there are hundreds of different languages, double standards and double meanings, it seems that there are only a few things the world understands collectively. One of those things is music. People, no matter what part of the world they are from, understand the simpleness of a melody and what it’s supposed … Continue reading

Re:(Disc)overed – Puddle of Mudd

I know my last two “reviews” (or me shit talking anything I don’t dig) have been pretty negative but are people actually trying to get the early 2000’s music scene back up and running again? With Limp Bizkit and Blink 182 both making new albums, it almost seemed too terrible to be true. Do we … Continue reading


Yeah, it’s been a while since I updated this stuff, but shit happens, right? Anyways, here we go. According to All Access, Gorillaz will be launching their new single “Stylo” on January 26th, with the new album expected March 2010. Stoked. Kings of Leon are apparently going to head to Hawaii to make their new … Continue reading

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