Goodbye Lou Reed

I know that after someone prominent dies, it’s time for the annoying trend of where every blog writes a “tribute” to them and mentioning how essential they were to everything. It’s odd writing an obituary to someone you didn’t personally know, so I’d rather not do that this time. We all know how essential Lou … Continue reading

Jordan Canio’s Imperfect, but Essential Guide to Three Major Music Festivals

Well, here we are. Due to summer classes, a real lack of funds and my ever-present urge to not be around a bunch of fucktards, it looks like I won’t be attending any festivals this year. Lollapalooza sold out too quick, Bonnaroo is during school and Austin City Limits is too far away. I know, … Continue reading

Top Five Live Acts of 2010

Note: This originally started out as just my list of top bands I had seen this year. Little did I know that Ryan was holding out on his top picks. When I heard them, I had to throw them on here too. That and he saw Neil Young when I was too poor to and … Continue reading

Lollapalooza Guide 2010

This week is like fucking Christmas for me. Actually, it’s even better cause I actually get stuff I want instead of socks. First, I’m off for seven glorious days. I have a little bit of spending money for beer and the house to myself during the daytime. Peace and quiet, which I’m gonna need, cause … Continue reading


  So, Them Crooked Vultures made their debut last Sunday at the Metro in Chicago at Midnight. Tried to get tickets, but they sold out in four minutes. Bummer. Apparently the new album is called Deserve the Future. I’m stoked. Especially after hearing this: So Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. We couldn’t make this shit … Continue reading

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