Bonfire Beach Make One Hell of a Debut Album

I never used to get why people didn’t dig Magic Wands when they were based out of Nashville. My theory is that it’s because the city didn’t give the band a chance to grow; Aloha Moon sounds A LOT better and more realized than some of their older demos from the Nashville era. Plus, Nashville … Continue reading

Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst of 2012

I guess I’m a bit later on this than everyone else, but I guess if I wanted to do something more conventional (aka boring),  I’d write for No Country. Anyways, 2012 was definitely an interesting year. Shit got realer and lamer. The usual was seen, with Nicki Minaj picking fights with everyone and not realizing she’s … Continue reading

Magic Wands Return With Debut Album, New Single

Despite being from Nashville (well, they spilt up time between here and Los Angeles), I had never heard of this band. Apparently, they weren’t taken too well here because they’re a dream pop band in an atmosphere that is primarily made up of rock ‘n’ roll and country. It’s even stranger seeing as how they … Continue reading

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