Hear Majestico’s “When Kingdom Come” LP in Full

It feels like it’s been close to eternity since Majestico has released anything tangible, and I’m saying that even though his last single was put out on Jeffery Drag Records probably a year and a half ago. I’ve had benders that have lasted longer than that, but it still feels like a while, doesn’t it? … Continue reading

Majestico Ready “When Kingdom Come” LP For February 2014

Well, this is a great surprise. I never know what’s going on with this band; maybe it’s because all of the members are immersed in other side projects (Fly Golden Eagle, the Alabama Shakes, etc) or that they only play a few (but great) live shows every once in a while and haven’t really committed … Continue reading

Majestico Release Video for “Love Is God”, Play Release Show Saturday

Majestico seemed to have fallen off the map for a little bit on us, but that brief hiatus was necessary. The band has been hiding away, ironing out the details for their new EP. Now, they are ready to come out of hibernation and they’ve done that by announcing the release date to their new … Continue reading

Jeffrey Drag Records Releases 2K12 Sampler

It looks like we’re going to be seeing a bunch of cool shit from Jeffrey Drag Records this year. Earlier this year, they had Ranch Ghost’s debut single released and before that, albums and cassettes from the likes of Electric Dollhouse Groovebuggy (this band’s awesome, but their name is still too much), Majestico and Little … Continue reading

Majestico Goes Acoustic For Live and Reel

Whenever I’ve usually heard Majestico, it’s usually a barrage of electric guitars, shit-kicking drums and enough bass to make your girlfriend climax before you get a chance. Yet, I’ve never heard them in an acoustic setting. Yeah, there’s been a few videos floating around, but since most rock acts are hit or miss acoustically, I … Continue reading

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