Mark Lanegan Teams Up With Duke Garwood for “Black Pudding”

I’ve ranted enough about Mark Lanegan on this site to warrant another rant; if you don’t know how awesome he is, just read back on some of my older posts and that’ll explain why the man’s part of rare breed. For those of you who have paid attention long enough, you’ll know that despite almost … Continue reading

Nick Cave Makes the Velvet Underground and Captain Beefheart Go Bluegrass

I don’t normally rave about soundtracks, cause let’s face it, about 99% of the time, they’re about as exciting as  getting stuck in traffic.  They normally feature a bunch of lame bands  that won’t stand the test of time and who’s contributions to said soundtrack are cheesy throwaway songs, which makes the whole thing even … Continue reading

The Mark Lanegan Band Releases First Single in 8 Years “The Gravedigger’s Song”

Stoked on this motherfucker. It’s been about a month since we heard that Lanegan was going to revive the monikor Mark Lanegan Band for their first album in 8 years. Yesterday, they dropped the bomb and let us hear and download the first single off of their new album, Blues Funeral. The song is called … Continue reading

Mark Lanegan Band Announce First Album in 8 Years

After an 8 year wait, Mark Lanegan is putting all of his other projects aside (and trust me, that’s a lot) and reviving the  moniker Mark Lanegan Band for its first new album in 8 years. Lanegan has announced that he’s going to follow up the band’s last remarkable album, Bubblegum, with Blues Funeral on February … Continue reading

It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land – Soulsavers

I’m not gonna reiterate too much, but Mark Lanegan is one of the most under appreciated singers/lyricists of our generation. Aside from the occasional collaboration album with Isobel Campbell, I’ve pretty much dug everything he’s put out. Back in 2007, I heard he was collaborating with these two electronica guys from England who go under … Continue reading

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