My Floor EP – Slang Chickens

I only knew about this band because it has close ties to three other LA bands I like to follow: Wires on Fire, Jubilee and Mini Mansions. Frontman Evan Weiss has played in the former two and the band has played shows with the latter. He left Jubilee in 2008 to form this band and … Continue reading

Mini Mansions Premiere “Monk” Video

I’m late on this one, but since it seems like everyone else is late to this band to begin with, I think I can get a pass. Mini Mansions has become one of my favorite new bands. Their blend of psychedelic with pop hooks is dark but catchy. If Elliott Smith was still around and … Continue reading

Mini Mansions on Last Call with Carson Daly

Carson Daly fell hard. Not as hard as Tom Green, but it’s still pretty bad. However, he’s earned himself a little credibility (despite losing a shit ton of it hosting TRL on MTV all of those years) by putting broadcasting some of Mini Mansions set from the Echo last night. They played “Monk” and “Girls” … Continue reading

Jubilee: The Lost Band

Back when I did the newspaper in high school (it was a class and the opportunity to review records instead of class work was all too appealing), I wrote a story for the paper about a band called Jubilee. Started in 2007, I first heard about the band because frontman Aaron North used to be … Continue reading

Top 10 Music Videos of 2010

Nowadays, we’re lucky if we get a couple of decent music videos. Since MTV is much more interested in showing the Jeresy Shore cast pass around VD than music videos, not a lot of them get financed and most of the ones that do are shitty. But there are a few that are pretty damn … Continue reading

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