Stuff N Such’s Best Music of 2016

Chances are, you’ve probably already skipped past this paragraph to see if I’ve lost my touch or not when it comes to picking winners for the year. I haven’t, but by all means, don’t let me stand in the way. If you feel like coming back up here after gawking at some of the records … Continue reading

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Drop “Give Us a Kiss”

Nick Cave is one of my favorite musicians and if he isn’t one of yours, you’re fucking up. ┬áSeriously, is there anything homeboy can’t do? Write killer screenplays? Check! Write sleazy rock n roll in his 50’s and pull it off? Check! Be a magnetic performer? Check! Shit, if he really lost his mind and … Continue reading

Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst Records of 2013

Well, that went by quickly. While 2013 wasn’t exactly the blur that 2012 was, it was still pretty entertaining in its own way. On the plus side, Queens of the Stone Age finally put out a new record, David Bowie emerged from self-imposed exile alive, well, and (even better) with kick ass new tunes, and … Continue reading

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Reveal Video For the 9 Minute Epic “Higgs Boson Blues”

You can only aspire to be this cool if you make it to be this old. Despite touring behind the new album all year,┬áNick Cave & the Bad Seeds aren’t slowing down at all. Just last week, they released a live album for Black Friday as well as announced a new US tour for next … Continue reading

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Mermaids” Live Video

I’ve gone on and on about Nick Cave on this blog long enough for you guys to get the point: he rules. He rules so much that he gets to sing about “firing up (some girl’s) snatch” within ear shot of the children’s choir he hired and get away with it. Why? Because he’s Nick … Continue reading

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