Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds- “If I Had A Gun”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’ve written too much about Noel, but fuck it. Noel rules and this new song was too good to pass up. Since his solo album is only a month and a half away, more tracks are starting to appear. The song, “If I Had a Gun,” premiered on KROQ three … Continue reading

Noel Gallagher Debuts B-Side “The Good Rebel”

Another person I write too much about, but whatever. Oasis ruled and Noel Gallagher is a great songwriter. He’s releasing his new single “The Death of You and Me” on August 21st and he’s including a B-side on it, “The Good Rebel.” Unfortunately, there’s a reason it’s a b-side. It’s pretty shitty until the small … Continue reading

Noel Gallagher Releases “The Death of You and Me”, Makes Beady Eye Sound Stupid

Finally! After having to suffer through Beady Eye and the disappointment that was, I was hoping that Noel Gallagher (the more talented of the two brothers in Oasis) would deliver something that would smoke the competition and remind everyone that he was/is Oasis. When I heard the single off of his first solo album was … Continue reading

Noel Gallagher Officially Goes Solo

It’s no secret that I love Oasis. I’m probably one of the fifteen people in America┬áthat care about them and probably one of the only people in this city that is eagerly awaiting Noel Gallagher (the smarter and more talented of the Gallagher brothers) to announce his solo album. Well, after months of speculation, today, … Continue reading

Creation Records Documentary “Upside Down” Gets a DVD Release

The hyped documentary “Upside Down: The Creation Records Story” is coming to DVD on May 9th. Since their biggest days were back in the 90’s and across the pond, not too many people my age know their story. But they should and from the preview, it looks like the documentary gets the story from the … Continue reading

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