Review: X-Communicate – Kristin Kontrol

Transformations are never really 180’s…or at least, the successful ones aren’t. Whenever an artist decides to drop their previous work and go in an entirely new direction, the best examples of these usually maintain some bits of their former self. For great examples of this, look at Bob Dylan going from folk to electric while his spirit … Continue reading

Austin Psych Fest 2014 Announces 2nd Line Up

Good news and bad news kids. Bad news first: Primal Scream has dropped off of Austin Psych Fest 2014. While the details aren’t out yet, the band seems to have canceled their entire American run for 2014 and are keeping tight lipped about it. Sucks for me, cause I think that was probably the closest … Continue reading

Primal Scream Debut “It’s Alright, It’s Okay”

If you think you do a good job of keeping up with cool shit going down, then you should know about Primal Scream releasing a new album very soon. If you didn’t, well, consider this a freebie, but don’t let us catch you fucking up that badly again. Got it? Good. Anyways, I don’t normally … Continue reading

Primal Scream Premiere “2013”, Give Further Details For New Album

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you ever needed a reason to be excited for good drug music, you’ve got it now. It’s been five years since Primal Scream put out a new tune, but they changed that today. The band released their new single “2013” at 11 AM in the UK and the video soon … Continue reading

Primal Scream Bring “More Light”

Primal Scream have had a career that stretches across the musical spectrum. Yeah, they’re Brits, but their albums have ranged from being absolute drenched in whiskey and southern drawl to albums that are closer to acid house electronic and MDMA. While these are risky ventures on their own, somehow, this band has managed to pull … Continue reading

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