Promised Land Sound Debut “Empty Vase,” Debut LP Due September 24th

I thought I reported this earlier but I guess forgot. Honestly, I keep forgetting that this band’s debut album is coming out this month. It’s not because they don’t kick ass or anything (they do), but I guess the years of alcoholism are finally doing a number on my memory. Anyways, the newly christianed Promised … Continue reading

Promised Land Play “Money Man” for All Saints Nashville Profile

I guess the latest buzz about Nashville has come in the form of the short film, “New Music City.” The film is produced by some clothing company called All Saints. It debuted today via the world wide web and you can watch it below. New Music City My take? While it’s cool to see Nashville … Continue reading

Promised Land Debut “Stoned Eagle” EP

Up until a few months ago, the only way you’d get to hear some tunes from the Promised Land was to go to one of their shows or check out their hilarious video for “Down On My Knees” (retitled as “Fuck Cancer” now). Otherwise, you’d be shit out of luck until today. As part of … Continue reading

Introducing Promised Land

A couple of new bands have been popping up on the radar as of late and surprisingly, more than a handful of them have been pretty damn good. One of them is a band by the name of the Promised Land. Even if you haven’t heard their music, you know them better than you think … Continue reading

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