Queens of the Stone Age Play Conan Again

It’s a rare occurrence to see two tall gingers on television together these days, but that’s exactly what happened when Queens of the Stone Age played on Conan last night. The band dropped in to drop their excellent piano ballad “The Vampyre of Time and Memory” on national television and the song sounds just as … Continue reading

Queens of the Stone Age To Stream Entire Concert Live Tomorrow on NPR

I tried to cut back on posts about this band cause even I feel like I’m nerding out on this shit. I can’t really help it though. Queens of the Stone Age was one of the first bands to show me what proper rock ‘n’ roll really was. Their long-awaited return is pretty much like … Continue reading

Mini Mansions Debuts Two New Songs, Tours with The Arctic Monkeys

It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard anything from new from Mini Mansions. This is probably due to band drummer/vocalist Michael Shuman putting in his work with Queens of the Stone Age as they gear up to release their new album (which I just got yesterday and rules even more than I expected) and … Continue reading

Queens of the Stone Age Premiere “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”, Share “Kalopsia” Clip

For fuck’s sakes dudes, just release the album already! This whole “one track at a time” thing is really killing me. With these 2 new songs, that makes 6 songs that have leaked, which is more than half the album. As if this album wasn’t a cock tease when it was 6 years in the … Continue reading

Hear Two New Queens of the Stone Age Songs Now

Goddamn, I love the fucking internet for stuff like this! Just hours after Queens of the Stone Age played a gig in Belgium, some Good Samaritan has uploaded rips of new songs for our listening pleasure. The songs are “If I Had a Tail” and “I Sat By the Ocean” and goddamn, do they sound … Continue reading

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