The Icarus Line Officially Announce New Album, “Slave Vows”

I’m not gonna lie: I like being right all the time. Today, the Icarus Line officially announced that they are putting out a new album (like I said) called Slave Vows (also like I said. See the pattern here?) on July 1st via Agitated. The band put out the word via the Quietus as well … Continue reading

The Icarus Line Release Another Live Video, Somebody Owes Me a Beer

As they said they would, Invade TV has released the second installment of the Icarus Line’s concert from their 2011 London show. In this video, the band performs their initial single “We Sick” off of Wildlife. I was interested in seeing a pro-shot version of this song, mainly because I had read in some interview with … Continue reading

The Icarus Line Release Live Video, Possibly Planning Web Record?

This release has been delayed for a good bit, but it looks like the people over at Invade TV finally got their shit together. After advertising it about a year ago, they’re finally uploading footage from the Icarus Line show in London back in 2011. In part 1, which was released yesterday, the band rips … Continue reading

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