Spiritualized Debut New Songs, Hints at Massive 2013 Tour

I can’t write enough about Spiritualized. For real, there is no one who makes music similar to Jason Pierce. Sure, he borrows from a lot of other bands, but when he blends it all up with all the other drugs he used to do, the music is unique. This is how it’s done. Anyways, I could go … Continue reading

Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst of 2012

I guess I’m a bit later on this than everyone else, but I guess if I wanted to do something more conventional (aka boring),  I’d write for No Country. Anyways, 2012 was definitely an interesting year. Shit got realer and lamer. The usual was seen, with Nicki Minaj picking fights with everyone and not realizing she’s … Continue reading

Spiritualized Make Video For “Little Girl”

I don’t really need to restate this again, but working in a juvenile court all day has made me how slow you kids are nowadays, so a repeat seems necessary: Spiritualized fucking rules and apparently Jason Spaceman cannot be killed by anything (whether it is heroin or chemo, the man soldiers on). The show they played on … Continue reading

Spiritualized Are On American Soil

I’m fucking stoked for the first time in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow, I cross the threshold and become 22 years old. Considering I thought I’d never make it past 21 without at least a little bit of brain damage (then again, that’s debatable at this point), I keep outliving myself and defying expectations. I … Continue reading

Spiritualized Make Video for “Hey Jane”

I picked a good time to have a Spiritualized kick, considering the band’s new album is only a month away and they are touring (just got my ticket for the Atlanta show yesterday, STOKED). It looks like they’ve got some cool shit planned down the road. They just released an epic video for their latest … Continue reading

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