The Arctic Monkeys Release Video for “Arabella”

English rockers the Arctic Monkeys are still running at full speed since releasing their great album last year, AM. Following the release, it seems that they’re trying to top Nickelback for the most music videos for a single album. Actually, that’s REALLY unfair. The Arctic Monkeys are worlds ahead of that shite. Anyways, the band has … Continue reading

Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst Records of 2013

Well, that went by quickly. While 2013 wasn’t exactly the blur that 2012 was, it was still pretty entertaining in its own way. On the plus side, Queens of the Stone Age finally put out a new record, David Bowie emerged from self-imposed exile alive, well, and (even better) with kick ass new tunes, and … Continue reading

The Arctic Monkeys – “You’re So Dark”

Shit, the Arctic Monkeys are killing it this year. They’re popping up on almost every Best of list this year and they’re coming back to the States next year to play shows with Deerhunter. They’re about to release their latest single, “One for the Road” (even though the video’s been floating around for almost two … Continue reading

The Arctic Monkeys Premiere New Vid for “One for the Road”

The Monkeys are at it again. If you missed out on their show about 2 weeks ago, you missed out on probably one of the best shows I’ve seen all year. No joke. In regards to musicianship, songwriting and showmanship, the Arctic Monkeys gave the Queens show I saw the night before a run for … Continue reading

The Arctic Monkeys Release “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

Sorry I’ve been slacking on this thing lately. I’ve been busy/sick/whatever. By now, I’m sure that you’ve heard that the Arctic Monkeys are readying a new release. The album is called AM (yeah, they went all Velvet Underground on us) and it’s due out September 9th. If you’ve been paying further attention, you’ll know that they … Continue reading

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