Download a Free Live EP From the Black Angels

I’ve always been on the fence about VICE. When it comes their articles, I either think they do cool ones like THIS  or extremely lame ones like THIS. There’s pretty much no middle ground, but I guess that’s their point, isn’t it? However, I’ll gladly shut up and take cool free shit when they offer … Continue reading

The Black Angels Debut “Evil Things”, Announce Instagram Contest

The last time I wrote about the Black Angels, they had just dropped details about the release of their new album, Indigo Meadow along with a release date (April 2nd), tour dates (Nashville on May 5th) and a killer new tune “Don’t Play With Guns.” Now as the release date gets closer and closer, the band … Continue reading

New Tune From the Black Angels – “Don’t Play With Guns”

I had heard that the Black Angels had recently wrapped up another album back in the summer of 2012 and hinted that it would be out in the Spring of this year. Looks like they’re keeping true to their word. They have just announced a new album, tentatively titled Indigo Meadow with a release date of … Continue reading

New Music/Dead Beat Dad Post

First, I feel like a dead beat dad trying to reconnect with the kid he hasn’t seen in two years by saying this, but sorry I’ve been absent for a good bit. It wasn’t a choice. Life is full of curveballs kids. For me, those curveballs come in the form of school, trying to maintain … Continue reading

Tonight’s Mix – DragOnTape Edition

It’s been a good bit since I posted a mix of any sorts on this site. Mainly it’s because school gets in the way of every little part of my life, but it was also the format. I got tired of posting youtube videos in that format. It’s boring and looks pretty ugly on a … Continue reading

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