The Black Keys – “Bullet in the Brain”

I honestly haven’t been a fan of any of the tracks on that the Black Keys have dropped for their forthcoming album, Turn Blue. They just feel like more of the same-ole, same-ole that we’ve come to expect from the band and have made me less than excited for the new album. However, while everyone … Continue reading

The Black Keys Drop New Single – “Fever”

Has it really been 3 years since El Camino came out? Considering each of these dudes have been staying busy either with touring or producing other bands, it’s not like we’ve had a drought. In fact, I still fairly burnt out on them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like them anymore … Continue reading

Calling Bonnaroo 2014

Editor’s Note: My buddy Aaron Litvack decided to share with us his formula for predicting this year’s round of acts at Bonnaroo. Honestly, it pretty much eviscerates all the other predictions that I’ve seen so far; probably because the dude applies a little something called LOGIC to his scheme. He’s pretty funny too. Take a … Continue reading

Harmony Korine Makes the Black Keys Get Weird

It’s been a couple of months since the Black Keys released the official video for “Gold on the Ceiling,” but before we got the version that seems like it was meant for ages 2 and up, there was word that another version of the video was made. What really spiked interest in this version was … Continue reading

The Black Keys Make a Vid for “Gold on the Ceiling”

It’s been about 3 months since El Camino¬†was released and it’s one of those records that still hasn’t left my stereo yet. The amount of attention they have gotten nowadays is completely warranted considering how hard they work. With that in mind, their latest video for “Gold on the Ceiling” kind of tips its hat … Continue reading

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