Queens of the Stone Age Come Back Swinging with “The Way You Used To Do”

In terms of rock n roll bands, I consider Queens of the Stone Age to be one of my first loves. Around the time that I started to get in to them when I was a teenager, they already had an impressive discography for me to dive into. They had tracks that were fast, razor-blade … Continue reading

Stranger in a Holy Land – Austin Psych Fest 2014 Recap Part 1

Let’s face it: most festivals are pretty much neutered nowadays. The line ups are nearly identical, they’re overpriced (whether that be tickets, water, food, beer, etc), and generally, filled to the brim with a bunch of people who you wouldn’t want to spend a normal weekend with if you had a gun to your head. … Continue reading

The Black Lips Drop Video for “Justice After All”

It’s safe to say that I’m fairly hungover after yesterday’s festivities so I’ll keep this short. The Black Lips have dropped their new album, Underneath the Rainbow. If you haven’t heard it, I think the drummer has all the best songs on it. One of those songs is “Justice After All” and what do you know, … Continue reading

The Black Lips Debut Track “Justice After All”

As the release date of their new album, Underneath the Rainbow, draws nearer and nearer, the Black Lips are dropping more tracks from it on us. The latest addition is one called “Justice After All.” It’s steady beat makes it a head nodder, while it’s dirty, yet reflective melodies make it pretty catchy. In layman’s terms, … Continue reading

The Black Lips Go Full-Hillbilly for “Boys in the Wood” Video

By now, you should know that the Black Lips are coming out with a new record, Underneath the Rainbow, on March 18th. Also, you’ve probably already heard the new single, “Boys in the Wood” – a decent garage rock anthem for proud hillbillies everywhere. Now, the Black Lips have made a music video with the … Continue reading

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