The Black Lips Debut “Cruising”

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard any new material from these hillbillies. They’ve been playing shows and all and I’ve heard through the vine that they are recording new material as we speak. Seeing as how they release a new album almost every 2 years and that we’re nearing 2 years since the release … Continue reading

The Black Lips Play Iraq

I told you guys about that documentary in the works “You Know, For the Kids” that follows the Black Lips as they embark on a tour through the Middle East. It is notable considering that tensions were high (well, higher than usual) over there around the time they undertook the tour. However, it appears they … Continue reading

Black Lips + Middle East: You Know, For Kids

The Black Lips have never been a pussyfooted band. From slipping each other the tongue on stage in the early days to being chased out of India by the government, these dudes don’t like to shy away from controversy. But a few months ago, they pulled a move that was pretty shocking, even for them: … Continue reading

The Black Lips Play Third Man Records This Monday

I had heard that this was going to happen a couple of weeks ago, but I quickly forgot about it due to the amount of alcohol consumed that night. That hangover has been replaced by many others since, but the news of this show has just resurfaced on my radar. Next Monday (June 11th), the … Continue reading

Stuff and Such’s Best and Worst List of 2011

In a world where there are hundreds of different languages, double standards and double meanings, it seems that there are only a few things the world understands collectively. One of those things is music. People, no matter what part of the world they are from, understand the simpleness of a melody and what it’s supposed … Continue reading

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