The Growlers Return to Nashville, Release Album in January

If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, the Growlers had to end up delaying their long-awaited album¬†Hung at Heart until January of next year. Yeah, I know. Amongst the beach goth scene, I’ll bet this album is starting to feel like¬†Chinese Democracy, but based on that one day I spent interviewing the band, I can … Continue reading

The Growlers Release “Use Me For Your Eggs” For Free

I can’t stress how busy I am right now, but if I can make it through this upcoming week/semester without getting a fucking tumor, I’ll consider myself half-lucky to say the least. However, I felt the need to take a five minute break to show you guys a new tune. As the release date for … Continue reading

The Growlers Ready “Hung At Heart”

Looks we finally have some solid news about when the Growlers are finally gonna release some new music. While the band has been making their rounds around the country, little has been known about when they were going to release their long awaited LP produced by Dan Auerbach last fall. It seemed even odder when … Continue reading

The Growlers Return to Nashville in May

The Gods of good rock ‘n’ roll shows are apparently giving Nashville some serious love lately. Just yesterday, it was announced that the Growlers, the band that helped make that fake End of the World day last May fucking awesome, are returning to Nashville May 19th (oddly enough, almost an exact year from said End … Continue reading

Interview: The Growlers

If you weren’t at the End of the World Party last Saturday, you blew it. A good time was had by all and all of the bands (aside from Brandon Jazz, what the fuck was that?) KILLED it. Like I said earlier, the Growlers agreed to do an interview before they went on stage. After … Continue reading

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