Nobunny Returns to Nashville with the Hussy February 22nd

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there simply are not enough madmen in the music world today. I don’t know if its cuz everyone is gobbling down anti-depressants like good children or whether the collective have been chemically neutered in some other way, but there aren’t a lot of shit kickers in … Continue reading

The Hussy Debut Video for “Rezhand”

I mentioned last week that these dudes were getting ready to release another new album¬†Pagan Hiss in a little less than a week. By now, I’m sure Bobby and Heather are gearing up to go abroad as their first Europe date on the new tour is in just 2 days and wish them the best … Continue reading

The Hussy Release “Pagan Hiss” LP On May 7th, Announce Massive Tour

My favorite people from Wisconsin (actually, I don’t think I know anyone else from Wisconsin, but still, these guys fucking rule) are still doing cool shit. It’s only been about a year since the Hussy released their last LP,¬†Weed Seizure, but like I’ve said multiple times, these guys think sleep is for pussies.With that in … Continue reading

The Hussy Ready “Way With Words” EP For April, Hear “Wrong/Right” Remix Here

Fucking hell, I’d love to imagine what I could accomplish if I had 1/2 the dedication/consistency that this band has. If you haven’t caught the drift yet, the Hussy rule not only because they put out great music, but because they are able to put out A LOT of great music in a short period … Continue reading

Best and Worst of 2012: Band Edition

When I was trying to find music as a kid, I’d always pick up a lot from hearing what people in my favorite bands liked to listen to. For instance, I found the essentials like the Stooges and Mudhoney because I heard Kurt Cobain dug them or recently, I found the Pretty Things’ phenomenal album … Continue reading

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