Keith Richards Interview From 1989

Not a lot of the stuff I write about in the next few days will be exactly new,  but the beginning of the year is always a good time to play catch up before it starts to pick up steam. If you don’t hold the Rolling Stones on a pedestal as is (and don’t give … Continue reading

The Rolling Stones: “Doom and Gloom”

After a seven year wait, the Stones are finally back in the studio…and this is GOOD shit. There’s usually a negative connotation when a band that’s been around as long as the Stones puts out new music. There’s always that fear that the music will never be able to equal up to any of the … Continue reading

Cocksucker Blues – the Rolling Stones

This site’s gonna be pretty dead until probably Thursday because of exams and bullshit, but this should tide you over til then.  It’s a well known fact that the Rolling Stones were like pirates when they hit the road. They would kill at the gig, consume the town’s supply of drugs and babes, and be … Continue reading

Tonight’s Mix – DragOnTape Edition

It’s been a good bit since I posted a mix of any sorts on this site. Mainly it’s because school gets in the way of every little part of my life, but it was also the format. I got tired of posting youtube videos in that format. It’s boring and looks pretty ugly on a … Continue reading

Beatles AND Stones

It’s been a bit of a slow month music-wise, but I’m trying to get some cool stuff done and up. Summer school gets in the way of a lot of it, but since I have a couple of seconds of downtime, I figured I’d share something cool I came across the other day. It’s undeniable … Continue reading

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