The Sister Ruby Band – “Oh Mercy”

I’m a little late on this one, but if you haven’t picked up on this lately, my life’s been fairly chaotic lately. Like diving into the trenches for cover only to notice there’s a hand grenade waiting for you, shit’s been anything but boring. However, seeing as how this band isn’t as big as it … Continue reading

The Sister Ruby Band – “Graceland Smile” Video

This video’s been out for a bit, but I’ll use it as an excuse anyways to write about this band. The Sister Ruby Band is the psych-rock project of 22 year old art school student (NOT one of the one’s that suck) Johnny Ruby. That’s about all I know about this band, as well as … Continue reading

Stuff and Such’s Best and Worst List of 2011

In a world where there are hundreds of different languages, double standards and double meanings, it seems that there are only a few things the world understands collectively. One of those things is music. People, no matter what part of the world they are from, understand the simpleness of a melody and what it’s supposed … Continue reading

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