Stuff N Such’s Best and Worst Records of 2013

Well, that went by quickly. While 2013 wasn’t exactly the blur that 2012 was, it was still pretty entertaining in its own way. On the plus side, Queens of the Stone Age finally put out a new record, David Bowie emerged from self-imposed exile alive, well, and (even better) with kick ass new tunes, and … Continue reading

Live From Nowhere: A Benefit CD For A Good Cause With Good Music

While benefit CDs are for good causes, they are usually lacking in the music area. When the major ones come out, it’s usually lame stuff like Sting singing old Police stuff on an acoustic guitar or worse: Fred Durst and the Goo Goo Dolls covering Pink Floyd. But every once in a while, a benefit … Continue reading

The Strokes Premiere “Under Cover of Darkness” Video

I dug the Strokes’ first two records and a few songs off of the last album, though that one was a big letdown. ┬áBut more or less, I’m willing to give the new album Angles a chance. And after a couple of listens, the single is not too bad. Under Cover of Darkness That being … Continue reading

Tonights playlist

Lolla was awesome as always. Best weekend of the summer. More on that later. Hear’s what I’ve been listening to all day:

Lollapalooza Guide 2010

This week is like fucking Christmas for me. Actually, it’s even better cause I actually get stuff I want instead of socks. First, I’m off for seven glorious days. I have a little bit of spending money for beer and the house to myself during the daytime. Peace and quiet, which I’m gonna need, cause … Continue reading

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