Jack White Debuts “Sixteen Saltines” As New Single, Announces More Solo Shows

It’s been more than 2 weeks since Jack White played Saturday Night Live. I didn’t see it when it was on cause I was at the Bass Drum of Death show, but I did manage to see the clips online. I wasn’t blown away cause SNL has pretty shitty soundboard, but it was cool to … Continue reading

Tonight’s Playlist: The White Stripes

At this point, you know it, I know it, the White Stripes have called it quits. After 13 years, the band, that has made me and a whole generation of kids want to go crazy on a guitar with just a slide, has decided to officially change their status from “hiatus” to “done”. From their … Continue reading

Christmas Music That Doesn’t Suck

Everyday, we get closer and closer to Christmas and you know what that means. Pretty soon, you’re gonna be stuck in the backseat of a car with all your relatives while they make you listen to their horrible renditions of an Amy Grant Christmas while you contemplate jumping out of the car into ongoing traffic. … Continue reading

Most Anticipated for 2010: Music

2009 wasn’t too bad of a year in general. Lots of cool shit happened, and a bunch of shit happened as well. But in the spirit of looking forward, here are the picks for the most anticipated of 2010 starting with music (and if I don’t get bored, movies and such later). In no particular … Continue reading

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