Nine Inch Nails Release Incredible Tour Footage

Say what you want about Trent Reznor and his musical output, but when it comes to putting on a show, homeboy does it like no other. Even if I’m not as into them as I was when I was about 16, I picked up tickets for their Nashville show mostly out of nostalgia and I’m … Continue reading

Queens of the Stone Age Premiere “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”, Share “Kalopsia” Clip

For fuck’s sakes dudes, just release the album already! This whole “one track at a time” thing is really killing me. With these 2 new songs, that makes 6 songs that have leaked, which is more than half the album. As if this album wasn’t a cock tease when it was 6 years in the … Continue reading

Josh Freese Sells Albums Better Than You Do

Josh Freese is a dude who plays drums a lot and makes weird Youtube videos. The guy’s superhuman. Seriously, I’ve seen him play with NIN and Devo and each time, the guy is better than a drum machine. It makes sense, seeing as how he’s played on about 300 records. Yeah, some of those records … Continue reading

Stuff and Such’s Best and Worst List of 2010

Despite popular/stupid belief, a lot of good things are coming from the collapse of the music industry. It’s like yard work, which sucks too, but after you pull all the weeds (or was that Lady Gaga’s hair?), everything looks better. That’s kind of the way things are going down now. Everyone who enters the music … Continue reading

Hurley – Weezer

All I keep hearing about Weezer is “blah, blah, Pinkerton rules, blah, blah.” Pinkerton was okay, dudes. It had a couple of good tracks, but it wasn’t Dark Side of the Moon, even though those indie pricks will try to convince you otherwise. Besides, everyone knows that even if you consider Pinkerton to be the … Continue reading

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